Carmilla Karnstein

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Carmilla Karnstein

Bericht van Carmilla Karnstein op zo nov 11 2018, 22:13


Full name: Mircilla Von Karnstein
Call name: Carmilla Karnstein
Nicknames: Carm
Sex: Female

Year: Six (must repeat year 6 due to laziness)
Sexuality: Big old lesbian woep
Relationship status: Not made for love
Species: Pure-blood witch

Age: 18
Date Of Birth: 28-04-2000
Place Of Birth: Styria, Austria
Zodiac sign: Taurus


Faceclaim: Natasha Negovanlis

Height: 5'4
Eye color: Dark brown almost black
Hair color: Black
Build: Strong but still feminine
Scars: Quite a lot

Voice: Seductive
Pitch: Low

Favorite words: Frilly-hell, and any edible desserts (don't look weird at this)


Negative traits: Aggressive/Hostile. Puhes people away/Lonely.
Manipulative. Sarcastic. Cold. Thirsty for revenge. Typical tsundere

Positive traits: Romantic. Strong willed and melancholic.
Loyal. Strong. (is actually a 'soft boiled egg') Stand up for others. Smart. Patient.

Fears: Be left behindagain. Not being good enough. Lose more lovers again.
Getting emotionally attached to others again. Hurting those important to her.. again.
Facing the past. Falling in love with someone.. agaaaiinnn.


Carmilla can come off as a very aggressive girl. Her replies are often short and sarcastic, and people are convinced her life goal is to make other people’s lives a living hell. They feel like she enjoys making people agitated, which is very true. She does take pleasure in pushing people past their limit or out of their comfort zone. Besides that fact she also can get physical if someone pushes her temper. She has no problem hurting someone if she needs to. Despite being the aggressive person she comes off to be, Carmilla actually is somewhat of a depressed girl. She doesn’t really realize how lonely she is until she’s actually alone in a room. Even she herself doesn’t understand why she pushes other people away, and refuses to socialize with anyone. It’s just a natural thing to do. Usually she tries to sleep off the lonely feeling, which might be why she always sleeps until four pm. That is kinda why she has to do her 6 year again because she never came to the classes. The feeling really only lasts a few hours and when it’s over with she’s back on track with her bad girl act. Carmilla can be considered ‘old’ and wise even though she is only 18. She’s someone who’s able to remain calm in outrageous situations and think of a smart and logical plan within seconds. Because of this trait along with her natural leadership Carmilla can manipulate people and have them do whatever she wants to. Now don’t get her wrong this isn’t just in desperate situations. If she really want someone to do something then she can convince them to do it through her words and sometimes her seduction eyes if needed. Although Carmilla doesn’t really trust other people, she herself is someone who can be relied on. If asked to do something in a serious situation, Carmilla has no problem completing the task. She also understands the concept of a secret and will keep her lips zipped even past death. Why doesn’t she just ruin that person’s life with the new information? She knows that if she and that person traded places, she wouldn’t want them to say a word. So why should she? Is it possible for someone as cold as Carmilla to be romantic? The answer is yes. She’s quite old school when it comes to romance she still tries to have a simple yet memorable dates. That is, if she’s even interested in dating. She hasn’t actually been in love with anyone ever since her girlfriend died. Carmilla is a typical tsundere. She’s the type of girl with a hard shell on the outside, but when broken she’s actually a very sweet girl who is almost always considerate of people’s feelings. Most claim that she’s emotionless and would never know how to love, but that’s not true. She’s actually a very protective and loving person

Normal mood: Possessing a sarcastic disposition, Carmilla is strong willed and melancholic. Often preferring to keep distant from others, it is rare for her to make friends with people. She enjoys reading. She maintains a laid back, "punk rock" lifestyle, and mainly dresses in black outfits, specificlly corsets and leather pants, if, of course, she does not wear her student clothes.

Carmilla places little importance on cleanliness, often failing to clean up after herself. She has a very loose conception of private property and personal ownership, taking whatever she wishes from others without regard to their feelings on the matter.

Underneath her sarcastic and cold behaviour, Carmilla is insecure and possesses a soft side.

She also has a considerable temper, which flares up when someone she cares about is hurt, after repeated failures, or when anger is necessary for success.

House: Slytherin
Patronus: Black panther
Carmilla Karnstein
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Re: Carmilla Karnstein

Bericht van Lev Nekrasov op ma nov 12 2018, 19:15

Hey Marlie, wij hebben een paar opmerkingen op jouw karakterkaart voor wij deze kunnen accepteren. Als jij deze dingen zou willen aanpassen zullen wij jouw karakterkaart zo snel mogelijk accepteren.

  • Je zegt dat Carmilla een jaar heeft over gedaan, wat betekend dat ze een leeftijdsgroep ouder is dan haar jaargenoten. Ze zou normaal in jaar 7 zitten en de leeftijden die daarbij horen zijn 17-18. Als ze 18 is betekend het dat ze dit schooljaar al jarig is geweest. Haar verjaardag is echter in maart, wat betekend dat ze dit schooljaar nog niet jarig is geweest. Wij willen dus vragen of je haar 17 kan maken of jarig in een van de maanden september, oktober of november tot nu.  
  • "she always sleeps until four pm" Je geeft zelf al aan dat ze hierdoor haar lessen mist. Bij het zo veel missen van lessen volgt schorsing en vrij snel ook dat ze van school getrapt wordt in plaats van dat ze alleen het jaar over hoeft te doen. Dat is daarom niet mogelijk en wij zouden graag vragen of je dit wil veranderen. Natuurlijk kun je haar op vrije dagen of als ze in de ochtenduren geen les heeft wel zo lang laten slapen.
  • "she does not wear her student clothes" Het is een officiële Hogwarts regel dat studenten hun uniform moeten dragen. Hiervoor geldt eigenlijk het zelfde verhaal als bij het punt dat hier boven staat. Vandaar dat we graag zouden zien dat ze tijdens lesuren wel gewoon haar uniform draagt.
  • Melancholie is geen positieve eigenschap. Het is een erg negatieve mentale situatie die sterk naar de depressie neigt. Wij zouden deze liever niet bij de positieve eigenschappen zien staan.
  • Er ontbreekt een geschiedenis in jouw karakterkaart, wat voor ons eigenlijk een van de belangrijkste punten is om te zien dat alles klopt. Wij zouden graag zien dat je een geschiedenis toevoegt. Of je dit uitgebreid of in duidelijke punten opschrijft is aan jou.

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