Lev Nekrasov

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Lev Nekrasov

Bericht van Lev Nekrasov op za okt 13 2018, 12:01

✧ General information ✧

Full name: Lev Nekrasov
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Birthday: 08-08
Zodiac: Leo
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Mother: Unknown ✝️
Father: Unknown ✝️
Siblings: None
Home: Hogwarts
Place of birth: Moskou
Occupation: Defence Against the Dark Arts professor
Patronus: Male lion

✧ Appearance ✧

Height: 1.96 m
Body type: Slightly toned
Skin tone: Warm beige
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: Short
Hair texture: Slightly wavy
Eye color: Dark brown
A small slash scar on his right ear
Several blast and slash scars on his back
Two slash scars on his right hip
Tattoo’s: None
Piercings: None
Other accessoires:
Reading glasses
Necklace with two rings on it
Wand: Rougarou hair, Yew wood, 13½ inch, supple flexibility

✧ History ✧

Born to two Russian wizards, the first few years of Lev's life were rather peacefull. When the boy was only nine years old his parents were both murdered by a small group of Dark Wizards. They placed serveral curses on him. One in order to forget everything he knew about his past. One to make him believe everything they told him, without question. One which was similiar to the Imperius Curse, in order to make him do things that were not in his nature. And one placed on a ring, which allowed him to do whatever he was supposed to do without a trace of emotional disturbance. They trained him and taught him all kinds of skills, magical, physical and social. This was all in order to make him one of the few skilled 'dolls' they used for all kinds of purposed. It went from 'infiltrating' parts of the Ministry of Magic to assassinating certain individuals. This went on for several years untill a group of skilled Aurors caught the Dark Wizards. Lev was seventeen years old at the time.

It was clear that the children that worked for them were cursed. The curses were lifted from the children who could not be held accountable for their deeds. However after all those years, these children lacked basic morals and did not behave like children should. Each and every one of them was to be rehabilitated. Lev and a girl made remakable progress and were - after a year of closed rehab - allowed to enter Koldovstoretz for two years. That in order to learn them how wizards their age were supposed to behave and to teach them what they hadn't learned during their time with the Dark Wizards. After these two years they learned that the other children were unable to return to society. Two of them remained on the evil path and were send to Azkaban and the third was to remain under continuous observation. The two of them went their own way after this and Lev travelled to Europe.

There he found out that the Ministry of Magic had researched the death of his parents and his disappearance. He obtained a ring, which was supposedly his mother's wedding ring. This he added to the necklace on which he kept the cursed ring.  He also discovered that his nightmares got worse when he was alone. The nightmares he had gotten ever since he knew what he did in the past caused him to feel distorted when he was alone, as if he would actually return to his 'former self'. Therefore he decided to adopt a stray kitten from a shelter. The presence of the cat, which he called Vasyl, calmed him enough for this disortion to disappear. Yet whenever he was truely alone, it always came back to haunt him.

Since he could not wander about forever, he had to find a job. However not many places would hire someone with a past like him and a Muggle job was not exactly what he would be good at. At the age of 24 he decided to apply for a job at Hogwarts. He had only been there once before, for a week as an exchange student. He did not want to go back to Russia and he didn't mastery any other languages besides Russian and English. He decided to apply for the vacant position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. That way he could learn the students how to protects theirselves against the Dark Arts which had so tainted his life. It was undenyable that he had an enormous amound of experience fighting with and against Dark Arts. Therefore he got hired and started at the position. He would be, however, often checked whether what he thought and how he acted was acceptable.

✧ Pet ✧

Name: Vasyl
Species: Cat
Breed: Russian Blue
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years old
Accessoires: A piece of  white rope as collar.

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Up on the mountain I see down below

It's easy to lose yourself I know
Lev Nekrasov
Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor
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Re: Lev Nekrasov

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op wo okt 31 2018, 11:43

Welcome to Hogwarts!

"You think by now, that I would have learned
Not to play with fire If I don't wanna get burned"

"But I'm a pyromaniac and your veins are full of gas
You're burning higher, higher I'm storming this wildfire"

Nyx Xiaoyu
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