From a land far away

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From a land far away

Bericht van Sergei Thompson op ma dec 10 2018, 20:24

Hello lovely sister, it has been way too long since I send my last owl. Hopefully he will not land into your breakfast this time... He can be a bit clumsy from time to time, but we have practised so let me know how he behaved. How are you doing these days? Did the school already announced some Quidditch matches or are you still training with your team? Hopefully I will be able to attent another match. Perhaps I can drag Noah with me.

Most of the days here seem to be the same at the Ministry of Magic. Although I have to travel a lot. Last week I visited the French Ministry of Magic to discuss some ‘matters’. I have the feeling something is going to happen, though.. I can’t fully speak out what it will be. Perhaps I am just too cautious these days. So, better keep an eye out for yourself at school Ro.

I miss you and I hope to see you soon. Sergei.  

Sergei Thompson
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