Ka'on Agard

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Ka'on Agard

Bericht van Ka'on Agard op vr okt 19 2018, 12:03

∵ General information ∵

Full name: Ka'on Agard
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: 13-04
Zodiac: Aries
Sexuality: Questioning
Relationship status: Single
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Adoptive mother: Mrs. Agard
Adoptive father: Mr. Agard
Siblings: Plenty adoptive ones
Home: London/Hogwarts
Occupation: Student
School year: Sixth year
Patronus: Stoat

∵ Appearance ∵

Height: 1.73m
Body type: Average, slightly toned
Skin tone: Ivory
Hair color: Ash blonde
Hair length: Chest length
Hair texture: Slightly wavy
Eye color: Greyish blue
Scars: Several tiny ones on her arms and legs
Tattoo's: None
Piercings: Industral in left ear
Other accessoires: Wand: Hawthorn wood, Phoenix feather core, 12¾ inch, Fairly bendy flexibility

∵ History ∵

Merely days after she was born, the baby girl was left in front of an orphanage in London. The orphanage accepted every child handed to them since they didn't want to leave them on the streets, which resulted in having very little money to spend on each child. The children, especially the ones who were there since they were babies, usually didn't mind. There were enough other kids to play with and the caretakers were friendly people. Though, some of the children were true troublemakers. The baby girl who had been dropped of was a prime example of one of those troublechildren. Ka'on was almost famous in the poor part of London. She, the one who gathered the group, was one of the members of 'The Seven Deathly Sins'. Or at least, that was what the seven children called themselves. To others there were just that annoying group of children that disturbed the peace. However there was little to be done against them, they were a though foe. Not that the group of young kids ever actually did something serious, it was mostly for fun and harmless for the bigger part. Punishment was often being grounded at the orphanage and that didn't even make all that much of a difference for them. As long as they had fun, nothing else mattered.

Everything was fun and games untill Ka'on got adopted. Children got adopted all the time but those who were older than say, a year of five, had incredibly small chances of ever finding a true home. She had been at the orphanage for little over nine years and did not want to go with that weird family. The Agard family told them they adopted children who obviously had magic running through their veins. They told her she was a witch and would have to live with them for two years before going to a magic school. Ka'on couldn't have known that they had a certain pact with the owner of the orphanage which turned out to be a wizard. He had seen magical things happen around here and quickly determined that it was time for her to go. For many years the Agard family had adopted children from multiple orphanages to safely lead them into the wizarding world. They assumed Ka'on had been a halfblood, her pureblood father was too proud to have a legitimate child with a Muggle woman. He broke the affaire, droped Ka'on off at the orphanage and erased the woman's memory. Of course Ka'on did not believe this, it sounded like a whole lot of made up crap. It was no surprise that the girl rebelled against her adoptive parents. She tried to escape more than once but even after seeing actual spells she refused to believe all of this. She wanted to go back to the orphanage.

Two years went by and finally she was to be send to Hogwarts. It wasn't like she believed any of it so it was quite the battle to get her to go through the wall in order to get on the train. Every class was reluctant and the bond with her wand was no less than horrible. A few months into her first year she decided to escape. Since she could not simply take the train back she decided to use what she did not like in order to get away from the very same thing; magic. Her best subject by far was flying and flying was how she planned to escape. Stealing a broom was one thing but actually taking off was where it went wrong. A Slytherin student saw her with the broom and asked if she wanted to train in order to join her house' quidditch team. Seeing no other way out Ka'on simply answered yes and trained with the Slytherin girl. No matter how she would've liked to deny it, she liked the sport. Slowly but certainly Ka'on started to settle in at Hogwarts, thanks to quidditch and her new friend Alyssia Reznikov. Both made it into the team of their house around the same time. She started off as a Seeker since she was rather fast and agile in the air but that soon proved to be the wrong choice. She became one of the Chasers later that year and proved herself to be annoyingly fast for one. During her sixth year at Hogwarts she became the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team.

∵ Pet ∵

Name: Sil
Species: Owl
Breed: Screech owl
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years old
Accessoires: None

Break the chains
Ka'on Agard
Quidditch Captain Gryffindor
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Year: Sixth year
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Quidditch Captain Gryffindor

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Re: Ka'on Agard

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op wo okt 31 2018, 16:08

Welcome to Gryffindor!

"You think by now, that I would have learned
Not to play with fire If I don't wanna get burned"

"But I'm a pyromaniac and your veins are full of gas
You're burning higher, higher I'm storming this wildfire"

Nyx Xiaoyu
Flying professor & Quidditch Coach
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