Cassian Warrick

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Cassian Warrick

Bericht van Cassian Warrick op za jan 12 2019, 17:40

› Name Cassian Warrick
› Age 36 y/o
› DOB 16/05
› POB Seoul, South-Korea
› POR London, UK
› Gender Man
› Sexual Orientation Straight(ish)
› Rank/Occupation Divination professor

› Species Animagus - asian golden cat
› Wand Fir wood, dragon heartstring core, supple flexibility, 12 inch length
› Blood status Unknown
› Patronus Dragon
› Spells Divination related spells & stuff
› Father Unknown
› Mother Unknown
› Hair Colour Black
› Eye Colour Brown
› Build Lean and angular body shape, slender, slim, narrow waist
› Height 1m77
› Playby G-Dragon

› Moral alignment: Neutral Good
› Personality type: ISTJ - Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, they work steadily towards identified goals. They can usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it.
› Good traits Intelligent - Brave - Loyal
› Bad traits Follower mentality - Reserved - Shy

Born in Seoul, South-Korea, but almost immediately moved to some desolate base in Russia, the life of the young boy did not start off too great. All he knows about his parents, or at least what they'd told him, was that they were both too poor to raise another child. They'd sold him to the Russians and that was how he ended up in the place he would call 'home'. Home was where an organisation of dark wizards experimented with animagi. They did not really mistreat him, but he was just a subject, a number. Once he came of age, he was put through the proces as well. His animal form was an asian golden cat. More experiments followed, but after some time, they were done with him. He was, for the first time, a free man.
But he had nowhere to go. Enter Pyotr, the son of the newest Minister. He had bought a villa and was now looking for staff to work around the house. The young man got hired as gardener, but he did lots of different chores. Together with the other staff members, he spent his days just working. And, above all, avoiding the lady of the house, Camilla Rizal. For one because Pyotr had explicitely told him not to talk to her unless necessary and also because he felt a bit intimidated by her. She was absolutely stunning, smart and she had a certain grace that took his breath away every time he was in the same room as her.
After a while though, he did start talking to her. At first, he was shy, making up excuses to get away from her. He was afraid she would judge him, for he had nothing to offer to her. He had no lineage, could barely cast two spells, could not even read or count to twenty. He didn't even have a name. To his surprise though, she had a certain interest and compassion when they talked. They developed an intense relationship. At first, it was innocent. She taught him loads of things, as they did not have much else to keep themselves occupied with at the remote villa. Most importantly though, she gave him a name. An identity. He grew a lot as a person and he finally had something to be proud of.
They fell in love. How could they not? Pyotr was barely present anymore, and Camilla had caught feelings for him too. But it could not last, not like how it was. Until she decided to leave. Flee to England, where she was born. There was only one problem. Cassian had no official identity, so he could never get passed airport security. He promised her he would fix that, and join her as soon as possible. Once in London, he had set his mind on a job at Hogwarts, because he only has one skill that he is truly good at. Divination, the subject his love had always been so passionate about. Her teachings had planted that same seed of passion in his heart, and he is looking forward to spreading that passion among the students of Hogwarts as well.

from one thing, know ten thousand things.
Cassian Warrick
Divination Professor
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Age: 36
Species: Animagus

Divination Professor

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Re: Cassian Warrick

Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op za jan 12 2019, 17:40

Welcome to Hogwarts!

"You think by now, that I would have learned
Not to play with fire If I don't wanna get burned"

"But I'm a pyromaniac and your veins are full of gas
You're burning higher, higher I'm storming this wildfire"

Nyx Xiaoyu
Flying professor & Quidditch Coach
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Flying professor & Quidditch Coach

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